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Last Updated November 23, 2010

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The Six Million Dollar Man is coming to DVD. Time/Life is now taking orders for the November 2010 release of The Six Million Dollar Man. This is a true collectors set and a must have for all fans. The set will include the Three pre-series movies, all 100 epiosdes, The Bionic Woman crossovers and all 3 Reunion movies. It also will include 17 exclusive featurettes, exclusive interviews with Lee and others and much more.

To check on all the details you can go to SMDM or Time/Life

Lee answers questions for Popmatters and The Philadelphia Enquirer

Lee is doing a lot of publicity the week of November 22nd. Below is his schedule:

Monday, November 22

Lee will be doing over 19 radio station interviews (I'm sorry I don't have the listings for these)

Tuesday, November 23

Lee will be on "Good Morning America" sometime between 8-8:45am Eastern Time (Check local times and listings)

Lee will be on Live Sirius XM Radio / Opie & Anthony show 9:15-9-45am (eastern time)
Lee will be on Live Sirius XM Radio/ Morning Jolt 10-10:30am (eastern time)
Lee will be on Live Sirius XM Radio/ Shade 45 10:30-11am (eastern time)
Lee will be on CNN/Headline News Showbiz Tonight (check local times and listings)

Wednesday, November 24

Lee will be on Live Hot 97 Radio / The Cipha Sounds/Rosenberg Show 8-8:30am (eastern time)
Lee will be on Live ABC News Now (CABLE) "What's the Buzz" 1:15pm (Eastern Time)
Everyone must watch "The Oprah Winfrey Show" !!! (Check local times and listings)

Friday, November 26

Lee will be on WPIX-TV Channel 11 - New York Morning Show (check local times and listings)

Lee has also been doing some interviews leading up to the release of the collection. Here are links to some of the interviews:

Karlson and McKenzie Show Boston, MA 10/16/10

Charlie Hodge Austin, TX 11/11/10

Vanity Fair 11/11/10

Big FanBoy 11/11/10

Popmatters 11/23/10

Philadelphia Enquirer 11/23/10

Time/Life has also released a few clips for us to enjoy. I will post them as they are released.

Regular Cast

  • Lee Majors - Steve Austin
  • Richard Anderson - Oscar Goldman
  • Martin E. Brooks - Dr. Rudy Wells (Seasons 3-5)
  • Lindsay Wagner - Jaime Sommers
  • Alan Oppenheimer - Dr. Rudy Wells (Seasons 1-2)
  • Martin Balsam - Dr. Rudy Wells (Pilot)
  • Darrin McGavin - Oliver Spenser (Pilot)

Bionic Women Episodes In Which Lee Appeared In

  • "Welcome Home, Jaime, Part I" ** 1/11/76
  • "A Thing of the Past" ** 2/18/76
  • "The Deadly Missiles" ** 3/03/76

Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Women Episodes Which Shared The Same Story Line

  • "The Return of Bigfoot, Part II" 9/23/76
  • "Kill Oscar, Part I" ** 10/27/76
  • "Kill Oscar, Part II" ** 10/31/76
  • "Kill Oscar, Part III" ** 11/03/76

Lee Graphic