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Last Updated on June 10, 2000

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About Lee

CYBORG: The British Lee Majors Online Fan Club
Another great fanpage devoted to Lee run by John Patterson.

TV-Now's Monthly Lee Majors' TV Listing
Stop by every month to see when Lee's shows will air in the US.

Lee Majors' Filmography At the Internet Movie Database
Exactly what the title says. Also has a mini-bio.
Pictures from the set of "The Protector". Check out pictures five and fifteen

Elvis Memories
Lee with Elvis impersonator Rick Le Fever

Middlesboro, KY
Learn more about Lee's hometown of Middlesboro, KY

Middlesboro, KY High School YellowJackets
Visit Middlesboro High School's site

Eastern Kentucky University Football
Visit Lee's alma mater Eastern Kentucky University

Desert Winds Production
Site of the Production company putting together Lee's new show "Hollywood Stunts

Chapter Zero
Site of Lee's Movie Chapter Zero

VIP Official Site

The Six Million Dollar Man

MaxSommer's Bionic Links Page
Want to find a page on the net about bionics? Go here.

Hombre Nuclear
Fan site from Argentina

Sci Fi Channel
Sci Fi Channels Official Bionic Page

Bionic Movie Updates
Online updates for the "upcoming" Six Billion Dollar Man movie.

"Director's Cut" Information on the New Bionic Movie
What the title says. An article on the Kevin Smith script.

Six Million Dollar Man
A nice site dedicated to The Six Million Dollar Man

Sarabies Bionic Site
Another very nice Bionic Site

The Big Valley

"The Big Valley and Six Million Dollar Man Discussion Board
Nice site dedicated to the The Big Valley and The Six Million Dollar Man

"The Big Valley" Page
Site dedicated to the The Big Valley

Kellies Big Valley Page
Another nice page dedicated to The Big Valley

Video Vault - 1960's
Promo for The Big Valley, among others.

The Fall Guy

The '80's TV Theme SuperSite: Action/Drama
Has the much requested Fall Guy theme.

Svar: Colt Seavers
Foreign site on the Fall Guy, possibly Swedish?


Mindy's Raven Page and Jeffrey Meek Page
A fan page for Raven and actor Jeffrey Meek

Tim's Raven Page
Another fan page fore Raven

Kabel 1 Online - Raven
German site with info on Raven


Video Vault - 1970's
Promo for Owen Marshall, among others.

Pat & Grant's Land Of Links
Pennsylvania radio staion that likes our site.

Mark Martin's Klassix Auto Museum
Mention of Lee's film Daytona Beach and picture of a car from said film

Jon Gries - Will Penny
Site of photos and more of the boy who played Joan Hackett's son

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