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I'm not sure what's cooler here: the fact that Dynamite Entertainment is producing a comic book (launching in August) based on the classic The Six Million Dollar Man TV series, or that they've got Kevin Smith to do it! Oh, did I mention there's going to be a The Bionic Woman comic in 2012?

The Six Million Dollar Man, starring Lee Majors, first hit the small screen in 1973 with three TV movies and then a series that lasted 5 seasons. The TV show proved so popular that a spinoff, The Bionic Woman, launched in 1976 with Lindsay Wagner. While several "reunion" TV movies featuring the bionic duo, as well as a short-lived reboot of The Bionic Woman, has aired since then, there hasn't been a definitive reboot of The Six Million Dollar Man...until now. Though Smith talks of his previous attempt to bring back the classic show:

"True story: when I turned in a script for The Six Million Dollar Man back in '98, there was an exec who dismissed it as being more like a comic book than a movie. It's an honor to head back into the trenches with the same creative team at Dynamite that made my Green Hornet script so readable and fun. It makes me moist."

Will Dynamite's The Bionic Man be the template for an eventual big-screen adaptation a la The Green Hornet? Only time will tell, but with such talents as Alex Ross, Phil Hester, and Jonathan Lau on board, it's bound to be interesting! Says Ross:

"I'm one of those kids who grew up with The Six Million Dollar Man toys all over my house. I still prize them as one of the favorite parts of my youth for the amazing variety of things that Steve Austin could use or fight against. The Six Million Dollar Man is one of the coolest original superhero properties invented for television."

The Bionic Man hits stands in August, but you can get your first peek at his new look here:

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