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Regular Cast

    Stuwart Granger - Col. Alan MacKenzie
    James Drury - The Virginian
    Doug McClure - Trampas
    Lee Majors - Roy Tate

    SEASON ONE (Season 9 of "The Virginian")

    The West Vs. Colonel MacKenzie (9.01 - 9/16/1970)

    Martha Hyer as Amalia, Elizabeth Ashley as Faith, Don De Fore as Evans, John Larch as Sheriff, John McLiam as Parker, Bobby Eilbacher as Peter

    Col. Alan MacKenzie, an Englishman who brought the Shiloh ranch, stirs up trouble when he investigates the bizarre hanging of a neighbor.

    The Best Man (9.02 - 9/23/1970)

    Desi Arnaz as El Jefe, Katy Jurado as Mama Fe, James Farentino as Pick Lexington, Mario Alcaide as Cristobal, Susana Miranda as Teresa Zaragosa. Writer: Leslie Stevens, director: Russ Mayberry.

    In Mexico, Trampas stumbles into a romantic triangle. two of his friends have proposed to Teresa Zaragosa, and while Teresa ponders the matter, Trampas tries to keep the men from killing each other.

    Jenny (9.03 - 9/30/1970)

    Janet Leigh as Jenny Davis, John Ireland as Kinroy, Charles Drake as Jeremy "Randolf", Jo Ann Harris as Mary Ann Travers, Christopher Dark as Mort, Myron Healey as Wardlow, Lew Brown as Alfie, Norman Leavitt as barber, Jack Naughton as clerk, Joe Trela as stagecoach driver. Writer: Arthur Heinemann, Director: Harry Harris.

    Jenny, the Virginian's old flame, asks the Virginian for protection from three mysterious men after a stagecoach ambush.

    With Love, Bullets and Valentines (9.04 - 10/7/1970)

    Art Carney as Skeet, Tom Ewell as Hoy Valentine, Deborah Walley as Corey Ann Skeet, Jack Albertson as Billy Valentine aka "Moose", Ben Cooper as Jason, George Chandler as Hawkins, Gene Evans as Harv Plimpton, Edward Faulkner as Leroy Plimpton, Bill Baldwin as 3rd reporter, James Bacon as 2nd reporter, Vince Williams as 1st reporter, Bill Catching as railroad man. Writer: Glen A. Larson, Director: Philip Leacock.

    An old rascal named Skeet loses his paddle-wheel riverboat to Trampas in a poker game. Since Nancy Belle is a floating woodpile, Skeet figures he can buy ti back for a song. Unfortuntaely, Trampas is after a higher price. Outlaws Hoy and Billy Valentine also have their eyes on the creaky paddle-wheeler. Now that they are about to retire, the Valentines want to bow out with a spectacular crime and use the Nancy Belle for their getaway.

    The Mysterious Mr. Tate (9.05 - 10/14/1970)

    Robert Webber as Jackson Reed, Dane Clark as Barton Ellis, Annette O'Toole as Lark Walters, John McLiam as Parker, Dent Hales as Edward Craig, John Rayner as Rex Phillips, Ken Renard as Endicott. Writer: Jean Holloway, Director: Abner Biberman.

    Col. MacKenzie and his neice decide to stretch their legs when their train makes a stopover. While walking they witness Roy tate shoot a man in self defence. later, MacKenzie orders the train to stop while he rescues Tate from a lynch mob set on hanging him.

    Gun Quest (9.06 - 10/21/1970)

    Anne Francis as Myra, Neville Brand as Sheriff, Brandon de Wilde as Rem Garvey, Agnes Moorehead as Ma Garvey, Joseph Cotten as Judge Hobbs, Rod Cameron as Dunn, Monte Markham (The Seven Million Dollar Man on "The SMDM") as Boss Cooper, John Smith as Dee Garvey, Sally Shockley as Nellie Cooper.

    The Virginian is wrongly accused of murder, and hunts down the real killer.

    Crooked Corner (9.07 - 10/28/1970)

    Susan Strasberg as Clara Hansch, Kurt Kasznar as August Hansch, Brock Peters as Ivers, Walter Koenig ("Star Trek") as Paul Erlich, Lloyd Battista as Embry.

    Tate and Col. MacKenzie come to the aid of German immigrants whoe are being terrorized by a hired gun and night riders.

    Lady at the Bar (9.08 - 11/4/1970)

    Greer Garson as Frances B. Finch, E.G. Marshall as Judge Elmo J. Carver, James Whitmore as Marshal Krug, Paul Fix as Boyle, Jay Robinson as Abel Hewitt, Ron Soble as Deputy Wainwright, Pamela McMyler as Ellie Bishop, Michael Bow as Clyde Willis, Kenneth Tobey("The Thing from Another World") as Sheriff Acton, Booth Colman as Mr. Compton, Ian Wolfe as Grover Smith, Arthur Hunnicutt as J.D. Drover. Writer: Leslie Stevens, Director: Russ Mayberry.

    Lawyer Francis Finch is defending Trampas on a murder charge. It is an uphill battle as the judge and his bailiff want a quick conviction so they can go on a fishing trip.

    The Price of the Hanging (9.09 - 11/11/1970)

    Lew Ayres as Judge Markham, Jane Wyatt as Mrs. Lori Kinkaid, Edward Binns as Dr. Benjamin Kinkaid, Patricia Harty as Tracy, Tom Tryon as Sheriff Sam Tolliver, Bo Svenson as Lonnie, Pitt Herbert as Fred, Olan Soulé as Conrad, Larry J. Blake as Clay, John Mitchum as Davis. Writer: Frank Chase, Director: Marc Daniels.

    After treating Col. MacKenzie's injuries, Dr.Kincaid is returned to jail to await his execution. Tate learns that Kincaid was jailed by Judge Markham on the testimony of a saloon girl. Tate uncovers evidence suggesting that vengence, rather han justice, was behind Markham's actions.

    Experiment at New Life (9.10 - 11/18/1970)

    Vera Miles as Amelia Ballard, Sue Lyon as Belinda Ballard, Ralph Meeker as August Gruber, Chris Robinson as Sandy, Michael McGreevey as Toby Wheeler, Rex Holman as Buck, Lyle Bettger as Seth Wheeler, Woodrow Chambliss as Macintosh, Meg Wyllie as Mary, Kay E. Kuter as Will. Writer: Lois Hire, Director: Jeannot Szwarc

    The Virginian attempts to rescue two women who are being help prisoner because they oppose the idea of multiple marriage.

    Follow the Leader (9.11 - 12/2/1970)

    Tony Franciosa as Ritter, Kate Woodville as Vanessa MacKenzie, Noah Beery as Morgan, Frank Gorshin as Dutch, Steve Sandor as Van, Harry Carey, Jr. as Thad, Ross Elliott as Sheriff Abbott, Harper Flaherty as Harper. Writer: Leslie Stevens, Director: Richard Benedict.

    The head of a dull-witted backwoods clan murders his cousin and pins the crime on Trampas.

    Last of the Comancheros (9.12 - 12/9/1970)

    Ricardo Montalban ("Fantasy Island") as Sosentes, Beth Brickell as Sally, Carlos Romero as Armendez, James Gregory as Sheriff, Anthony Caruso as Keller, Lenore Stevens as Laurita, Richard Van Vleet as Mooney, Michael Masters as Owens, Del Moore as the Deputy, Parley Baer as Banker, William Fawcett as Hostler.

    Sosentes is the leader of a community of former outlaws. He kidnaps a lady reporter whose story triggered a raid on his livestock. He demans $25,000 in ransom and MacKenzie is forced to gather it.

    Hannah (9.13 - 12/30/1970)

    J.D. Cannon as Roy Harkness, Susan Oliver as Carole Carson a.k.a. Alice Barnes, Peter Breck ("The Big Valley") as Lafe, Warren Stevens as Paul Carson, Lisa True Gerritsen as Hannah Carson, Lorraine Gary as Mrs. Nelson, Leo Gordon as Loma bartender, Gregg Palmer as O'Shea, Sidney Clute as Jenkins, Kay Steward as Mrs. Crandall, Bartlett Robinson as Doctor. Writer: True Boardman, Director: Jack Arnold.

    On her way to find her mother, Hannah, accompanied by her ailing father, meets Trampas. When they discover Hannah's mother has left town and is suspected of a bank robbery, Trampas agrees to help.

    Nan Allen (9.14 - 1/6/1971)

    Diane Baker as Nan Allen, E.G. Marshall as Judge Carver, Tom Skerritt ("Alien") as Bobby Allen, Eric Christmas as Parker, Arch Johnson as Sheriff, Read Morgan as Luke, Michael Bow as Andy, Jon Lormer as Dr. Walker, Pitt Herbert as Finley, Lou Wagner as Aaron Hill.

    When a romance develops between Nan Allen and MacKenzie, he becomes suspicious about her jealous brother Bobby and the two dead men in Nan's past.

    The Polititian (9.15 - 1/13/1971)

    John Ericson as Jack Bonham, William Windom as Foster Bonham, Diana Muldaur ("McCloud") as Rachel Bonham, Jean Hale as Eileen Terry, Denny Miller as Joe Terry, Jim Davis ("Dallas") as Roper, Carl Ballantine as Matt.

    The Virginian becomes involved in a web of intrigue and death surrounding Senatorial appointee Foster Bonlam, his alcoholic brother and his ambitious wife.

    The Animal (9.16 - 1/20/1971)

    Rudy Ramos as Indian, Katherine Crawford as Karen, Scott Brady as Dolby, Andy Devine as Dr. Houseman, Chuck Connors ("The Rifleman") as Gustaveson, James Wainwright as Boyd Dewey, Leon Ames as Judge Fitzroy, Jack Ging as Owen, Ed Byrnes as Alex Newell, Shug Fisher as Tinker.

    A deaf-mute Indian boy is accused of murder. Roy Tate risks his life to insure the boy receives a fairtrial in a town with hanging fever.

    The Legacy of Spencer Flats (9.17 - 1/27/1971)

    Ann Sothern as Della, Carolyn Jones as Annie, Bradford Dillman as Slaughter, Edgar Buchanan as Birdwell. Writer: B.W. Sandefur. Director: Russ Mayberry

    While hiding from a sandstorm in a saloon in ghost town, Spencer Flats, Trampas is accused by spinster sisters, Della and Anne, and their handyman, Birdwell, of being escaped criminal Deke Slaughter. Things are further complicated when Deke arrives, posing as the shefiff.

    The Angus Killer (9.18 - 2/10/1971)

    Dina Merrill as Laura Duff, Van Johnson as Alonzo. Ruth Roman as Margie, Andrew Parks as Jimmy, Chill Wills as Reedy, Stephen McNally as Muller, Slim Pickens as Sheriff.

    A run of bad luck is forcing widow Laura Duff to sell her ranch despite the protests of her seventeen-year-old son who is determinded to prove that their bad luck is no accident.

    Flight From Memory (9.19 - 2/17/1971)

    Burgess Meredith as Muley, Robert Fuller as Carl Ellis, Tisha Sterling as Melissa, Roger Cudney as Cowboy.

    A hermit joins MacKenzie in an effort to help a frightened amnesia victim being stalked by a lone rider.

    Tate: Ramrod (9.20 - 2/24/1971)

    Michael Burns as Will Benson, Sally Ann Howes as Martha Clayton, Craig Stevens as Joe Benson, Jo Ann Harris as Amanda Benson, Alan Hale, Jr. as Sam Donner, George Paulson as Mal Donner, Peter Mark Richman as Wade, Mickey Caruso as Dawson, John Lupton as Floyd Ramon. Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. Director: Marc Daniels.

    While Roy Tate is temporarily in charge of a windower's ranch, he has a passel of problems - a dispute over the use of barbed wire, two rambunctious teenagers, and the unexpected arrival of the widower's bride-to-be.

    The Regimental Line (9.21 - 3/3/1971)

    John Saxon as Sergeant Mulcahy, Eric Christmas as Parker, Eddie Little Sky as Grey Bull, Bert Freed as Colonel Harmon, Randolph Mantooth ("Emergency") as Lieutenant Dorn, Terry Wilson as Turner.

    Col. MacKenzie becomes the hunted hunter. He is tracking the man he believes responsible for his brother's death, and being stalked by a band of scapl-hunting Indians.

    The Town Killer (9.22 - 3/10/1971)

    Peter Lawford as Ben Hunter, Howard Duff as Stuart Masters, Lloyd Bochner as Wilks, Brenda Benet as Susan Masters, Bill Fletcher as Greer, Leonard Stone as Tom Wagner.

    Ben Hunter is the gentlemanly leader of a protection racket. His challenger is the Virginian, whose efforts to arouse the cowed townspeople range from simple persuasion to an all-out, one man war.

    Wolf Track (9.23 - 3/17/1971)

    Julie Harris as Jenny, Pernell Roberts as the Stranger, Clint Howard as Will, Arthur O'Connell as Emmitt.

    While hunting a killer wolf that seems possessed of almost human cunning, MacKenzie requires the aid of Jenny, an impoverished homesteader.

    Jump-Up (9.24 - 3/24/1971- final episode.)

    John McGiver as John Timothy Driscoll, Madlyn Rhue as Frankie, John Astin as Slick, Guy Raymond as Mapes, Rick Jason as Fuller, George Mitchell as Stanton, Jan Sterling as Mary Beth.

    John Timothy driscoll is an unethical character who is out to own a town. In his determination he takes full advantage of Tate's presence, by framing him for the murder of a troublesome gambler.

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